Florida Business Insurance

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The time you take to insure your business is just as important as the time you took to build it.

Insurance is one of the biggest precautions you should take to protect your business. Regardless of the size of your business, you are susceptible to all the same hazards as a homeowner, such as storm damage, liability or theft – but because more people come into contact with you through work, your chances of experiencing one of these at your place of business are greater. And if your company includes delivery or transportation vehicles, you have an increased risk through employees who are on the road.

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Those who operate from home are not exempt from danger, either. A typical homeowners’ policy may provide only about $2,500 coverage for equipment related to your business, which is usually not enough in the event that you experience a loss. You also need liability coverage for any business-related accidents that may occur in your home.

We know how important your investment is to you, and we can insure your business needs through a variety of coverage’s, including property, liability, automobile and commercial umbrella. Don’t forget to consider any special endorsements and options, such as protecting yourself against employee theft.

Available Coverages

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