One of the central goals for individuals is long-term financial security and independence. This goal is realized at the point where a person is financially secure enough to live at their desired comfort level without the need for employment income. To be financially secure at retirement requires that individuals carefully plan and receive advice to match their needs. When coupled with changes in Social Security, tax laws and the economy, retirement planning becomes a necessary, but difficult process. Scarr Insurance Group understands the fundamental concepts of how to effectively plan, implement, and monitor successful retirement plans. We provide our clients with direction and guidance to achieve and protect their financial freedom.


Working with Scarr Insurance Group for your retirement planning, tax planning, life insurance, and estate planning, allows you to protect your loved ones from risks of financial loss while protecting assets all under the same roof. While there are many ways to suffer financial loss, insurance is designed specifically to deal with the financial consequences of pure risk. Our experienced advisors assist clients in the risk management process by identifying potential financial hazards. We concentrate in specific areas including: pension replacements, long term care protection, life insurance trusts, family legacy protection, and estate tax minimization.


Life/Financial Services

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