Maintenance Leases

Man Repairing Rotten Leaking RoofApartment leases come with a source of repair: the maintenance staff. But what projects can be considered repairable by your landlord and covered without additional fees? When you sign a lease, it’s important to know what your renter’s insurance will cover versus what your landlord will do in the event of a disaster.

How does rental maintenance work? There are two categories: emergency and nonemergency. Emergency maintenance is usually applied when there are power outages, flooding through water line damage, and air conditioning repair. These repairs can be responded to within 24 hours. Nonemergency maintenance covers simple home problems, such as a leaky faucet or a light bulb out.

Maintenance staff in apartments, condos, or duplexes has to prioritize the emergency according to extremity. An apartment on the third floor with a flooding kitchen may take priority over a clogged garbage disposal.

Pest and vermin control are almost always covered in your maintenance agreement. With arrangements, many pest control staff will schedule appointments aside from semi-monthly scheduled treatments.

Before signing a lease, ask your landlord or leasing management company about what portion of your monthly rent covers maintenance. For example, funds can be accumulated and spent toward projects in refreshing paint, lawn maintenance, or exterior repair. What damages will you have to cover?

Consider investing in renter’s insurance to cover your own belongings. Though maintenance will aid when a water heater is damaged, it’s your belongings that won’t be safe. See our other article about protecting your belongings here.

Have any questions about your maintenance program? Reach out to your management company or landlord. They can advise you, even after signing the lease, what options may be best for your rental situation. How about renters insurance options? Our agents at Scarr Insurance know the real estate and rental business. Let our team aid you in your new lease.

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