Protect Your Home From Thieves

Protect Your Home From ThievesThieves can slip through nooks and crannies of your home by simply spotting flaws in your home. Replacing doors, upgrading to stronger locks, and closing blinds are just a few options to strengthen your personal stronghold from potential thieves.
Uncertain where to begin? Follow some basic tips, from the doorstep to within your
1. Replace your doors. Some doors have hollow interiors that are easily to break through. Test with simple knocking. Stronger doors are made of fiber glass, solid wood, and sometimes, metal.
2. Keep it covered. Close off unwanted, peeping guests with set of blinds, shutters, or curtains. Thieves’ curiosity can be prevented by not allowing them to see what’s yours.
3. Check the strength of your windows’ and doors’ frames. If either seem loose, a thief could easily penetrate it.
4. Install deadbolt locks. These are harder to break through than traditional locks. Keep your keys on you- and not hidden around the exterior of your home. If you want someone to housesit or check the condition of your home, always leave the key with them and not hidden.
5. Lock access points to tools. Keep a lock on your shed and to your garage to prevent easy access to your lawn equipment that could be used in a break-in.

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