Simple Car Maintenance

Simple Car MaintenanceCar maintenance is a challenging, but useful language for everyone. Tire rotations, fuel economy, and understanding why it’s important to check your brake fluid are just a few of the important car aspects to keep in mind.

We break down the essential parts of the car and any maintenance you could need below:

Tires & Wheels

Rotating your tires should be done every 5,000 miles. Always ask your servicing provider which option is best for your vehicle.

Check your tire pressure. Too low pressure means it’s time to fill them up. Too high pressure puts a risk of a tire popping. Search for a meter device at your local auto parts store to measure.

Check your tread. Bald tires are dangerous for driving in wet or unstable conditions. Tread wear bars can help determine if your tires are balding too fast.


Check your belts every 25,000 miles. Worn rubber can be risky for commuting. The two most important to check are the timing belt and the accessory drive belt.

Check your oil level. This can be another addition to your servicing list, for as cheap as $15 for a refill at some locations. It’s important to have the medium for oil- too high or too low can cause trouble for your vehicle. For an at-home glance, purchase a dipstick and use the indicator grooves to determine if oil levels are appropriate for your vehicle.

Coolant is one of the most essential parts of maintaining your engine. Wait until your engine cools before observing the white/clear bottle near your engine. There are indicators on the container to determine if the coolant is too high or low.


Keep your paint in good condition by waxing and buffing mild scratches. Concerned about dents? See your local repair facility to assess costs of repair. Sometimes, it’s as simple as tapping a dent from the other side.


 Have your battery checked, especially after long durations of use, such as extended travel. Have a mechanic check the battery terminals to ensure a strong electrical current.

Check your headlights and tail lights. These are ticketed by law enforcement, so always be certain to maintain their conditions. Never touch the glass when changing a bulb without wearing mechanic’s gloves. Oil and grime can erode the glass and cause the bulb to crack.

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